MIZUKI Intellectual Property Attorneys


1.Filing and prosecution of domestic patent, utility model, design and trademark applications

We are thoroughly experienced in filing and prosecution of applications, particularly related to mechanical engineering, electrical engineering including semiconductor devices, and computers, etc. We arrange a face-to-face meeting with inventors, technical division staff, or intellectual property division staff to offer our best possible services.

2.Filing of foreign patent applications

Most members of our firm have experienced training programs in the United States and/or Europe (Germany) and so we have a worldwide network of acquaintances and friends. We have a great deal of experience of handling many foreign patent applications.
In addition to services in obtaining a patent right abroad, we also provide our clients with attentive and personalized services in the case where a trouble over a patent right arises abroad.


We offer a wide range of best possible services including providing interpretation of patent rights and a legal survey in patent infringement cases, filing a request for trial for invalidation for a patent, providing advice on how to obtain a patent, analyzing technology for management strategy, and so on.